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Family & Criminal Defense Lawyer Sherman, TX

When attempting to endure many challenges life can throw at you, it is always helpful to have a sense of support and expertise by your side throughout the most challenging times. Specifically, when handling legal matters in which the consequences can be so severe, having the right attorney can make the difference between a favorable outcome and one that may leave resonating negative impacts on your life for years to come.

Brese-LeBron Law, PLLC, serving clients throughout Grayson, Fannin, and Collin counties, is dedicated to protecting your legal rights in the areas of criminal law and family law. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We believe that no criminal or family law matter should go ignored, and we strive to assist those struggling in a wide variety of areas. From criminal charges to family law, Attorney Lacinda Brese-LeBron has helped countless clients over a career of successful cases. So, whether you have found yourself at the wrong end of a DWI stop, are facing criminal charges, or need assistance with a variety of family law matters, Brese-LeBron Law, PLLC, in Sherman, TX, is your one-stop-shop for success.

Family Law

Whether you may be contemplating a divorce, are looking to adopt children, or need to resolve other disputes that can come up along the way, it is critical to hire a family lawyer as soon as possible. While not all matters need the dedicated assistance of a divorce or child custody lawyer, it is always helpful to have the knowledge of a professional on your side.

From initially filing for a divorce to resolving the final disputes of child custody or various forms of support, the proceedings can be long, complex, and incredibly resource-intensive. Therefore, it is valuable to have the advice of an attorney by your side from the very beginning to help avoid mistakes or missteps that can cost both time and money. Since family law matters have a tendency to take a significant portion of time, any resources that allow for the process to be shortened can be of great value.

While it may initially appear as though hiring a family attorney can be costly, it will realistically end up saving you money. This is because through various mediums like mediation and other time-saving tactics, the case can typically be shortened, and points of importance can be adequately addressed to give you the best chance at a favorable outcome.Read More

Criminal Defense

Being charged with a criminal offense of any kind can be especially anxiety-inducing, but with the right criminal defense lawyer in Sherman, TX, much of that worry can be cast aside. Whether you may be facing charges of driving while intoxicated, sexual assault, drug offenses, or firearm offenses, Brese-LeBron Law, PLLC, is here to help. Additionally, since alleged crimes of this nature can carry such harsh penalties that leave lasting effects on your day-to-day life, it is vital to ensure you give yourself every resource for success available, starting with finding the right attorney.

Attorney Lacinda Brese-LeBron has extensive experience defending clients in the courtroom and assisting them with the additional matters that need to be attended to. While hiring an attorney is not required, it is proven to boost the odds of a favorable outcome and will give you a support system throughout what may be an extremely challenging time.Read More

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What To Do Now?

What To Do Now?
Regardless of which area of law you need assistance in, the first step is scheduling a consultation with Brese-LeBron Law, PLLC. During this meeting, we will discuss the nature of your situation, the goals you have in resolving it, and tailor a strategy to help ensure you will have the best possible chances at a favorable outcome. Since many of the legal matters handled by this firm carry such severe consequences, it is imperative to ensure you seek legal assistance as early as possible in the process. Doing this will open you to as many resources as possible, so don’t hesitate and call today!

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