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“Lacinda did an amazing job representing me. She was honest, ethical, and very professional. I would definitely recommend her!”– Adrianna S.

“She is helping me to get my friend’s bail reduced from $1,600 so she goes to be with her baby. Good lady.”– Shannon C.

“Over the 2 years my case took with all the delays & different policies due to Covid never once did I feel like she stopped working my case. Mrs. Brese-Labron was amazing & able to get me the RIGHT outcome in the end.”– Renea M.

“Ms. LeBron and Tracy are amazing, though Ms. LeBron is still currently working on my case and has been since April there has not been one time where I have not received a timely response or a call back. She is prepared and never just makes you feel like “just a client”. Truly wants to help and gather as many sources and information as she can. Professional and honest. Can’t say enough good things about Ms. LeBron and her paralegal, Tracy.”– Shelby L.

“Exceptional service and attention to detail in the realms of criminal law.”– Joseph G.

“Great Lawyer! Works hard to help you out.”– Jeffrey G.

“She’s an amazing lawyer. Works hard for you and doesn’t give him. I think she should be voted best lawyer in Grayson county…….”– Terra B.

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