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Child CustodyIn This Article, You Will Discover…

  • How to modify a custody agreement,
  • When you can modify a custody agreement, and
  • What court orders can be changed.

Can You Modify A Custody Agreement In Texas?

Custody agreements can be modified in Texas. Typically, there is a one-year waiting period after an order is signed to alter it. If a significant change in the child’s life or risk to the child’s emotional well-being or physical safety occurs, then modification under a year could be sought.

How Long Does It Take To Modify Child Custody In Texas?

The child custody modification process can be short if the parties agree on terms. However, if there is no agreement, which is frequent in child custody cases, it can involve several hearings or mediation.

Can You Modify A Parenting Plan Without Going To Court In Texas?

Parenting plans can be modified without going to court if the parties agree. If the parties agree, the court does not need to be involved. Modifications can be made permanent by simply doing something other than what the written order says and then using the written order as a fallback when there is no agreement. If a written modification is preferred, both parties could sign and file an agreed modification and order.

Do You Need A Family Law Or Divorce Attorney To Change A Custody, Visitation, Or Support Order In Texas?

Family law is complex and involves navigating negotiations, hearings, mediation, and other parties. The language of a legal order alone is daunting for someone who does not have experience in the legal world.

When children are involved, it is crucial to have a trusted and unbiased point of view, as emotions are incredibly high. We tend to be less rational and say things we do not necessarily mean that could impact the negotiation and litigation. Having that point of view from someone who is not emotionally involved in the process and knows how the judge rules is a necessary investment for families.

How Are Custody, Visitation, Or Child Support Orders Changed?

A modification has to be filed in the court that signed the original orders. Child support modifications differ from custody or visitation modifications and can only be sought every three years.

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